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Die Cutting

In our factory we also offer Die Cutting for cardboard cut prototypes, POE stands and much more.

With our in-house design department, we can design your product for you, make it and ship it to your door.

For more information on die cut cardboard, drop us an email or contact us on our contacts page.

Brittle Concrete Moulding Packaging

Protective Packaging – Mail order packaging that is courier-proof! Save on expensive returns and damaged goods. Customer ‘B’ had problems transporting a brittle concrete moulding to various customers throughout the UK and Ireland. The cost of breakages outweighed any profit margin on that product. Grosvenor Packaging came up with a simple yet effective pack design which eliminated the breakages – and there was a saving for them on the pack price too!

Improve Your Company Image

  • Aesthetic Pack Design – Continuity in pack design throughout your packaging range improves your company image. Customer ‘D’ thought they couldn’t afford bespoke packaging until their first meeting with Grosvenor Packaging. The last 3 years has seen a complete range of packaging develop, all using the same basic structural design and printed up with their logo. Their products are now recognised globally within their industry.
  • Read more about our design facility here

    The Search for a Sales Rep

    Call them Business Development Manager, Sales Executive or Sales Representative it all amounts to the same thing – and finding a good one isn’t easy!

    We’re all aware of the ‘usual suspects’ who flit from company to company and every year or so turn up at your door with a different business card in hand.  Well here at Grosvenor Packaging we’re looking for someone different, a person of substance if you like.  We’re looking for an open communicator, an ethical business-person, someone who can grasp the bigger picture of Grosvenor Packaging, rather than looking at what orders they can squeeze from their contacts that week.  We would like to find someone capable of developing long-term, viable partnerships with end-users where both parties benefit.  Someone who can maximise on our team of expertise and experience and ultimately become a strong part of that team.  Of course experience is key but not necessarily in our field. Maybe this someone would be able to adapt easily into our business, for example they might already have dealings with lots of manufacturing facilities.


    I realise this approach is a little unconventional but those of you who have been through the frustrating process of reading a hundred generic CV’s from so-called specialist recruitment consultants, most of which are inappropriate, will understand the change of tact.  At Grosvenor Packaging we’re not desperate to find a rep, we want to grow!  And we don’t want to compromise on our quality of customer service in the process – or business ethics for that matter.


    So here is our plea…

    If you know of anyone who matches the above requirements or even if you yourself are interested in talking with us about this opportunity please feel free to contact us, I assure that all enquiries will be treated with complete confidence.


    Grosvenor Packaging Celebrates 25 Years in Business

    Grosvenor Packaging Celebrates 25 Years in Business…

    On 3rd July 1989 Grosvenor Packaging Limited was born.  From humble beginnings the Company has seen many changes over the years.  With a move in premises on a couple of occasions and various machines coming and going, the focus today is on efficiency and constant but steady improvement and growth.

    Now employing 18 people, and looking to increase numbers in the coming year, some members of staff have been with the Company for over 20 years.  Part of the Company’s success is said to be down to loyal personnel – not just loyal to Grosvenor Packaging but loyal to their customers too!


    Mushrooms for Packaging?

    Types of Cardboard

    • Heavily processed cardboard, such as juice or milk cartons, is coated with a wax or similar substance to prevent leakage. These will decompose, given about five years, but their resistance to water will significantly prolong the process. Corrugated cardboard will break down significantly more quickly.

    State of the Cardboard

    • The farther along toward being “broken down” a piece of cardboard is when decomposition begins, the faster the process will be completed. Ripping or shredding a piece of cardboard and mixing these pieces with viable soil will result in much faster biodegradation. The more surface area the cardboard has exposed to water and biological decomposers, the more efficiently these decomposers can take the cardboard apart.

    Surrounding Environment

    • Different environmental conditions will affect the decomposition process, notably moisture, heat and the presence of other biological materials. The wetter, the better — decomposing life forms thrive in moist soil. But no matter how wet, nothing will break down in complete sterility. There must be a thriving ecosystem within the soil itself to quickly decompose cardboard.

    Bottom Line

    • In inhospitable conditions — dry, removed from soil, cold or stacked tightly in sheets with little surface exposed to the elements — cardboard can remain undecomposed for years. Unless conditions are truly sterile, microorganisms will eventually work their way in and break it down, but this can be a very slow process. In more typical garden conditions — when a piece of cardboard is used as mulch or specifically shredded and soaked to decompose efficiently — biodegradation occurs quickly, with the majority of cardboard completely broken down within three months.

    The End of an Era for Grosvenor Packaging

    On 12th December 2012 Grosvenor Packaging’s longest serving employee Brian Ainsworth retired.  Nobody wanted this day to come as Brian’s truly genius mind as a designer has played a huge part in the success of the Company.

    Many tributes were given to Brian, as an individual as well as a designer, from customers and colleagues alike.  After what seemed like an impossible problem to fix was fixed by one of Brian’s designs, a valued customer quoted: “We now use the term ‘Brian’ to mean resounding success.”  After Brian’s input gave one customer 100% quality record they said: “Brian’s innovative designs and attention to detail helps Grosvenor Packaging stand head and shoulders above the competition.”

    Brian agreed to remain working as a consultant designer for 2 days a week and has done so up to now.  However circumstances have now persuaded him to finish work altogether and his last day working for Grosvenor Packaging will be tomorrow, Thursday 25th April 2013.

    Brian will be missed greatly by everyone who has been fortunate enough to work with him in any capacity during his years with Grosvenor Packaging.  We all wish him a long and most fulfilling retirement.  It is certainly the end of an era.

    Gerry Hodson

    Managing Director

    Counter-Top Display Stand Secures Future for Small Company

  • Point-of-Sale Displays – A small counter-top display is proven to massively improve sales of your product. Customer ‘C’ once described themselves as a small cottage industry supplying their product on-line to end-users. With a bespoke counter-top display designed by Grosvenor Packaging supplied to a number of retail outlets in the UK their sales have more than doubled over a 2 year period!
  • Packaging In The News

    “Burying our rubbish in huge pits in the ground is no longer an option in the 21st Century, says Stuart Wardlaw. In this week’s Green Room, he argues that a range of measures – some more popular than others – is needed if the UK is going to get on top of its waste problem.

    Our consumer culture does nothing to help our overflowing landfills. Research reveals that Britain is still considered the “dustbin of Europe” because it is still dumping more household waste into landfill than any other EU nation.

    It threw away a staggering 22.6 million tonnes of rubbish in 2004/5; in fact, Britain sent the same amount to landfill as the 18 EU countries with the lowest landfill rates combined, despite these places having twice the population of the UK.

    Britain’s failure to invest in the more sustainable waste management practices based on the three Rs – re-use, recycle and recovery – has lead to an excessive dependence on landfill.  But these days are fast disappearing. ”

    Source: BBC

    Reducing Packaging Costs Saves More Than Money

  • Increased All-Round Efficiencies – By optimising the pack size savings can be made all round reducing transport or storage costs and increasing packing speeds. Customer ‘A’ was packing an expensive piece of computer hardware into the best fitting box available to them, protected with a lot of bubblewrap. After Grosvenor Packaging assessed their packaging they now use a bespoke box with corrugated fittings, which not only protects the product better, it also takes time out of the packing process and reduces their courier costs!
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