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Innovative and distinctive packaging design is a vital part of a product’s appeal, as well as having a job to do! Grosvenor Packaging’s CAD design department will work alongside you to produce a pack or display that offers product protection and/or customer appeal.

Grosvenor Packaging designs cardboard packaging for all types of businesses in the northwest, big and small alike.  From multi-nationals sending products all over the world to cottage industries in need of a bespoke mail-order box.

The right pack design can offer a multitude of benefits, most of which you won’t realise until you have it! What’s more your products are unique so why shouldn’t your packaging be too? Who knows what you might gain from just looking into the concept of a well designed bespoke pack.


  • Increased All-Round Efficiencies – By optimising the pack size savings can be made all round reducing transport or storage costs and increasing packing speeds. Customer ‘A’ was packing an expensive piece of computer hardware into the best fitting box available to them, protected with a lot of bubblewrap. After Grosvenor Packaging assessed their packaging they now use a bespoke box with corrugated fittings, which not only protects the product better, it also takes time out of the packing process and reduces their courier costs!
  • Protective Packaging – Mail order packaging that is courier-proof! Save on expensive returns and damaged goods. Customer ‘B’ had problems transporting a brittle concrete moulding to various customers throughout the UK and Ireland. The cost of breakages outweighed any profit margin on that product. Grosvenor Packaging came up with a simple yet effective pack design which eliminated the breakages – and there was a saving for them on the pack price too!
  • Point-of-Sale Displays – A small counter-top display is proven to massively improve sales of your product. Customer ‘C’ once described themselves as a small cottage industry supplying their product on-line to end-users. With a bespoke counter-top display designed by Grosvenor Packaging supplied to a number of retail outlets in the UK their sales have more than doubled over a 2 year period!
  • Aesthetic Pack Design – Continuity in pack design throughout your packaging range improves your company image. Customer ‘D’ thought they couldn’t afford bespoke packaging until their first meeting with Grosvenor Packaging. The last 3 years has seen a complete range of packaging develop, all using the same basic structural design and printed up with their logo. Their products are now recognised globally within their industry.


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