Protective Packaging

Protective cardboard packaging designed by Grosvenor is created to protect your product through warehousing, shipping and handling. A detailed analysis of your product, and what happens to your product once it leaves your premises, is done and the pack is designed. A few ‘tweaks’ might take place following the first transit or drop test and then the final sample for approval is made. It’s also important to take into account ease of assembly on a protective pack. Sometimes the most simple packs are the most effective!

A well designed protective pack will…

  • Save you money without compromising product protection.
  • Make packing your products quick and easy.
  • Be economical and efficient.
  • Fit into transport and/or storage requirements.
  • Cardboard has a unique cushioning property that protects your products during warehousing, shipping and handling.

To find out more on how we can tailor this process to suit your products please phone 0161 336 2272 or use the e-mail facility on the Contact page.

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