The End of an Era for Grosvenor Packaging

On 12th December 2012 Grosvenor Packaging’s longest serving employee Brian Ainsworth retired.  Nobody wanted this day to come as Brian’s truly genius mind as a designer has played a huge part in the success of the Company.

Many tributes were given to Brian, as an individual as well as a designer, from customers and colleagues alike.  After what seemed like an impossible problem to fix was fixed by one of Brian’s designs, a valued customer quoted: “We now use the term ‘Brian’ to mean resounding success.”  After Brian’s input gave one customer 100% quality record they said: “Brian’s innovative designs and attention to detail helps Grosvenor Packaging stand head and shoulders above the competition.”

Brian agreed to remain working as a consultant designer for 2 days a week and has done so up to now.  However circumstances have now persuaded him to finish work altogether and his last day working for Grosvenor Packaging will be tomorrow, Thursday 25th April 2013.

Brian will be missed greatly by everyone who has been fortunate enough to work with him in any capacity during his years with Grosvenor Packaging.  We all wish him a long and most fulfilling retirement.  It is certainly the end of an era.

Gerry Hodson

Managing Director

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