The Search for a Sales Rep

Call them Business Development Manager, Sales Executive or Sales Representative it all amounts to the same thing – and finding a good one isn’t easy!

We’re all aware of the ‘usual suspects’ who flit from company to company and every year or so turn up at your door with a different business card in hand.  Well here at Grosvenor Packaging we’re looking for someone different, a person of substance if you like.  We’re looking for an open communicator, an ethical business-person, someone who can grasp the bigger picture of Grosvenor Packaging, rather than looking at what orders they can squeeze from their contacts that week.  We would like to find someone capable of developing long-term, viable partnerships with end-users where both parties benefit.  Someone who can maximise on our team of expertise and experience and ultimately become a strong part of that team.  Of course experience is key but not necessarily in our field. Maybe this someone would be able to adapt easily into our business, for example they might already have dealings with lots of manufacturing facilities.


I realise this approach is a little unconventional but those of you who have been through the frustrating process of reading a hundred generic CV’s from so-called specialist recruitment consultants, most of which are inappropriate, will understand the change of tact.  At Grosvenor Packaging we’re not desperate to find a rep, we want to grow!  And we don’t want to compromise on our quality of customer service in the process – or business ethics for that matter.


So here is our plea…

If you know of anyone who matches the above requirements or even if you yourself are interested in talking with us about this opportunity please feel free to contact us, I assure that all enquiries will be treated with complete confidence.


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